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Map of Victoria showing locations of energy and mineral resources.

Click on the map to view a larger version.

Download Earth resources map of VictoriaMap-earth-resources-victoria.pdf (PDF 936.49 KB)PDF icon

Updated: January 2019

Gold and Base Metals


Centennial Mining Limited

Pearl Croydon

571kt @ 2.9g/t Au

Centennial Mining Limited

Walhalla Gold Project

1,085kt @ 4.9g/t Au

Centennial Mining Limited

A1 Gold Mine

1.26 Mt @ 6.13g/t Au

Catalyst Metals Ltd

Four Eagles Gold Project


Catalyst Metals Ltd / Navarre Minerals

Tandarra Gold Project


Carawine Resources

Hill 800

1,118kt @ 1.5g/t Au

Arete Capital Partners

Stawell Underground Gold Mine

4,830kt @ 2.3g/t Au

Kirkland Lake Gold

Fosterville Gold Mine

23,780kt @ 7.9g/t Au

LionGold Corp

Ballarat East Mine

414kt @ 10.2g/t Au

Lockington Project



Mandalay Resources

Costerfield Gold and Antimony Mine

1,640kt @ 6.5g/t Au & 2.5% Sb

AuStar Gold

Morning Star Gold Mine

4,623kt @ 6.1g/t Au

Navarre Minerals

Irvine Gold Project


Synergy Metals Ltd

Mount Wills

709kt @ 7.4g/t Au

Eastern Iron Ltd

Nowa Nowa

9.05Mt @ 50.8% Fe

Kalbar Resources Ltd


2.742Mt @ 1.9% HM

Copperchem Limited

Stockman Project

14.0Mt @ 2.1% Cu, 4.3% Zn, 33g/t Ag, 1.0g/t Au

Dart Mining NL

Unicorn Project

203Mt @ 0.036% Mo, 0.05% Cu, 2.17g/t Ag

Iluka Resources Ltd

Murray Basin

189Mt @ 17% HM

Astron Ltd

Donald Minerals Sands Project

5712Mt @ 3.2%HM

WIM Resources


488Mt @ 4.0%HM

Orient Zirconic

WIM 150 Project

1650Mt @ 3.7%HM

Stavely Minerals

Mt Ararat

1.32Mt @ 2.0%Cu, 0.5g/t Au, 0.4%Zn, 5.7g/t Ag

Stavely Minerals

Thursday's Gossan

28.1Mt @ 0.4%Cu

Mineral Sands, Oil & Gas, Geothermal, Coal and Power

Otway Basin gas fields 

Produced: 850 PJ
Condensate remaining (est): 65 PJ
Remaining 2P* reserves: 350 PJ

Bass Basin gas fields 

Remaining 2P* reserves: 80 PJ

Energy AustraliaYallourn Coal Mine

1,480 MW power station
@ 16-18 Mt/yr


Hazelwood Coal Mine

Ceased operations 2017

AGLLoy Yang Coal Mine

2,210 MW power station
@ 30-32 Mt/yr

Victoria's Brown Coal Resource 

Demonstrated Economic
(2012): 43.6 Bt
Paramarginal: 30 Bt
Submarginal 14.9 Bt
Inferred: 99.9 Bt

LaTrobe Valley Resource 

33 Bt @ 5.8 - 11.5 MJ/kg

Gippsland Basin oil and gas fields


Liquids produced: 26,089 PJ
Remaining (est):
Crude oil : 1,396 PJ
Condensate: 959 PJ
LPG: 609PJ
Produced: 9,120 PJ
Remaining 2P* reserves: 2,316 PJ