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Project Facilitation Services

Minerals Development Victoria (MDV) is responsible for the effective facilitation of earth resource projects to smoothly navigate government approval processes throughout their life cycle. 

MDV offers three levels of project facilitation services depending on the size and complexity of a proposal as well as its potential to contribute to the Victorian economy and grow employment:


Diagram: Level 1 Lower level of Facilitation Services Highest volume of projects and inquires, often referred on to the relevant authority - Level 2 Moderate level of Facilitation Services - Level 3 High level of Facilitation Services

Level 1: The majority of proposals fall into this category and involve relatively straightforward projects or inquiries. The proponent can carry out most activities without the need for a great deal of assistance. In these cases MDV can provide initial advice, make referrals to other relevant agencies and provide support when issues arise.

Level 2: Proposals in this category typically involve larger or more complex projects which have the potential to generate significant investment and employment in Victoria. In these cases MDV can assign a Principal Facilitator, assist with proposal scoping and help to identify and resolve issues.

Level 3: Proposals in the third category typically involve large, highly complex or strategically significant projects, which have the potential to make a significant contribution to Victoria’s economy and generate long term employment for large numbers of people. In these cases, MDV plays a more active role in case-managing a proposal.

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