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Helping Victoria Grow:  Extractive Resources in Victoria, Demand and Supply Study, 2015-2050

Victoria is fortunate to have an endowment of raw earth resources to meet the demands of today's construction industry. We have around 485 operating quarries  across our state that supply the rock, gravel, sand and base resources to provide our $21.6 billion-a-year construction industry with concrete, cement, bricks, asphalt and other construction materials needed to build housing, public infrastructure and for private sector construction.

Estimates indicate that Victoria needed around 46 million tonnes of raw extractive resources for construction last year. By 2050, demand is expected to almost double to about 88 million tonnes annually.

Will Victoria have enough extractive resources, and in the right places, to meet our future construction needs?

To answer this, Minerals Development Victoria, with the guidance of the joint government-industry Extractive Industries Taskforce, commissioned a ground-breaking study to identify the future areas of highest demand and the future sources of quarry resources.

The study, Extractive Resources in Victoria, Demand and Supply Study 2015 – 2050, forecasts demand and supply of extractive resources statewide to 2050, by resource type and by each of Victoria's 79 local government areas.

They study's report is available at:

Industry was directly engaged during the study to estimate current and future supplies of extractive resources. This data was provided by more than 220 quarry Work Authority holders about their existing and future intended operations.  Confidentiality of individual operator data has been ensured through aggregation of supplier data in the report.

Prepared by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Ernst and Young, the study informs a broader approach being developed by DEDJTR to support delivery of public infrastructure, affordable housing and private sector construction, generate jobs and provide for greater certainty and confidence in the sector for industry and communities.

Read the Minister for Resources' media release here: Supporting Victoria's rock solid future growth.

Next steps

This study provides a useful input into Government's considerations about how the state's important extractive resources should be managed.


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