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Minerals Development Victoria

Minerals Development Victoria (MDV) is the Victorian Government’s lead unit for attracting investment in mineral exploration and development to Victoria. MDV also provides assistance to mining companies already present in the state. 

MDV has four areas of focus:

  • Project facilitation
  • Investment attraction
  • Strategic resource planning
  • Community engagement

Project Facilitation

MDV_eerMDV’s Project Facilitation team provides a range of facilitation services for proponents of exploration, mining and quarrying projects.

Three levels of service may be available to companies commensurate with the size, complexity and or environmental, economic or social impacts associated with a proposal. The service level may also reflect the status of the proposal (within the approvals process).

Assistance can include:

  • Facilitation of meetings with regulatory agencies to identify the range of issues that need to be addressed and the approvals required (including the provision of feedback for an ‘early yes’ or ‘early no’)
  • Negotiating timelines between agencies for provision of approvals and assessment process advice
  • Coordinating the parallel processing of approvals across government
  • Resolving bottlenecks and managing issues to help achieve project approval milestones
  • Referral  of issues to a more senior level for consideration (where issues cannot be resolved at officer level)
  • Facilitating the development of outcome focussed conditions
  • Supporting better community and stakeholder engagement practices
  • Facilitating other measures beyond the mine gate to support the development of projects, including access to skilled labour, energy and transport infrastructure.
For larger projects, MDV assigns a Principal Facilitator to work closely with each proponent and the relevant approval agencies. Principal Facilitators can assist in resolving the critical factors to get a new mine or quarry up and running.

Investment Attraction

MDV’s Resource Strategy & Industry Investment (RSII) team promotes Victoria’s minerals exploration and development opportunities to industry.

RSII works closely with the Geological Survey of Victoria and Invest Victoria to provide information to prospective investors and exploration companies about Victoria’s geological potential, its resource development opportunities and investment incentives such as grant programs

In addition, RSII works with Government,  industry bodies, land planning agencies and others to improve longer-term access to the State’s mineral resources, ensuring that mineral resources are appropriately taken into account in Victoria’s land planning frameworks.

RSII also facilitates useful engagement with non-sector entities, where required.

Community Engagement

Communities are key stakeholders in Victoria’s exploration and resource development future. MDV’s Community Engagement team interacts with communities across the state to provide information about the State’s minerals sector and mineral development opportunities, and to hear community views.

Community Engagement staff can assist companies with stakeholder engagement by facilitating discussions with key organisations including Local Governments, local business associations and peak bodies.

The Community Engagement team also assists the minerals sector’s communication efforts by working to engender best-practice approaches to community consultation. 

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