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Willaura Copper Project

Willaura, near Lake Bolac in Victoria’s south west, has been identified as prospective for copper and gold.

The aim of the Willaura copper project is to better understand the geology and landscape evolution of this region, including the potential copper +/- gold prospectivity of the Cambrian Stavely Arc, a volcanic system that runs through the area.

The Willaura project was the catalyst for a wider study of the Stavely Project.

As part of the Geological Survey of Victoria’s state-wide strategic regional mapping programme, the Willaura 1:100 000 map sheet is currently being updated to reflect the new geological understanding. The project comprises:

  • Extensive field-checking of geology
  • Detailed geological interpretation of geophysical data
  • Reconciliation with field observations
  • Quality control and integration of open-file geochemical and borehole data
  • Construction of a detailed, attributed 3-D geological model
  • Production of detailed new geological maps and cross-sections

The Willaura copper project will be completed mid-2016.