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Eastern Victoria Geoscience Initiative

The Geological Survey of Victoria (GSV) will conduct a low impact regional deep seismic reflection survey and a gravity survey in eastern Victoria, commencing in March 2018.

Traffic Management 14-30 April 2018

As a public safety precaution, traffic management will be in place along the following roads and tracks.

McKillops Rd (Tubbut), McKillops Rd (Bonang), Bonang Rd (Bonang, Yalmy Rd (Bonang), Monkey Top Track (Bonang), Old-Bendoc-Bonang Rd (Delegate River), Old Bendoc-Bonang Rd (Bendoc), Lower Bendoc Rd (Bendoc).

Latest News

Line 1 of the survey has now been completed and Line 2 from Benambra has now commenced.  The survey have covered almost 400km to date.

Regional TV stations Nine Border North East and Prime7 took up our invitation, on Friday 9 March, to report on the Geological Survey of Victoria's seismic survey in north-east Victoria for their evening news bulletins.

The story was broadcast on Prime7's evening news and is featured the Prime7 Facebook page.

About the survey

For about three months a convoy of trucks with move slowly through the region along two survey routes: 

  1. Starting south of Benalla and travelling approximately 306 kilometres eastwards towards Tom Groggin and into New South Wales.
  2. Starting north of Benambra and travelling approximately 215 kilometres south eastwards near Bendoc and into New South Wales. 

Map showing the route of the two seismic lines in north-east Victoria, one starting south of Benalla and travelling approx 280km eas and one starting north of Benambra travelling approx 180km south east near Bendoc and into NSW

Seismic Truck Survey convoy driving along a road
Seismic Truck Survey convoy in distance

The survey will travel along public roads, across private properties, Crown land and through national parks. GSV officers are currently checking road infrastructure and talking to regional stakeholders and land owners about the upcoming project.

Towns the planned survey will pass nearby include Molyullah, Edi, Merriang, Rosewhite, Kancoona, Eskdale, Upper Gundowring, Runny Creek, Ovens, Myrtleford, Benambra, Wulgulmerang, Wulgulmerang East, Deddick Valley and Bendoc.

The deep seismic reflection technique does not cause any damage to the land and will allow geoscientists to interpret rock formations to a depth of about 50 kilometres into the earth’s crust.

The survey is part of a long-term program to build knowledge of Victoria’s geological architecture and will focus on rock types, faults and their distribution.

This is the third such seismic reflection survey conducted by the GSV.  Two previous deep seismic reflection surveys were conducted in 2006 and 2009 in central and western Victoria respectively.

Fact sheets 

Frequently asked questions

Visit the FAQs page to find out more about the initiative.

For more information, please call the Customer Call Centre on 136 186.