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Geological Survey of Victoria Projects

During more than 160 years of operation the Geological Survey of Victoria (GSV) has carried out applied research into the state’s geological systems and its mineral, oil and gas endowments. This research has added significantly to the understanding of Victoria’s geology, and in turn has attracted investment to the State.

Current Projects

Current GSV projects include:

  • The Stavely Project. The Stavely region of western Victoria is potentially prospective for copper and other base metals
  • The Willaura Copper Project. Willaura, in Victoria’s south west, is part of the Stavely region. Willaura has been identified as prospective for copper and gold.
  • The Eastern Victoria Geoscience Initiative. This survey is part of a long-term collaborative research program to build knowledge of Victoria's underlying geological 'architecture'. It will assist with the mapping of earth resources and the identification of potential natural hazards and result in informed decision making by Government.

Recent Projects and Major Initiatives

Over the past two decades the GSV has undertaken several major strategic initiatives aimed at understanding the geological history and mineral endowment of the state. The initiatives include:

  • Gold Undercover
  • Rediscover Victoria
  • Victorian Initiative for Minerals and Petroleum
  • Seamless Geology

In addition, the GSV has been involved in a range of projects aimed at understanding the geology and mineral systems of the State.

Visit the Major Initiatives and Recent Projects pages for more information.