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Oil and Gas Data

Basic and Interpretive Data

Under both the Victorian and Commonwealth Petroleum Acts, basic and interpretative data has to be submitted to the Government. After a short confidentiality period, this data is generally made available (postage and handling costs apply). The confidentiality period, of interpretative data, is dependent on a number of factors and requires a clearance process. For offshore data it is usually two years for basic data and five years for interpretive data. For offshore production licence areas, basic data is usually available after one year from submission.

Earth Resources manages this data using “dbMap” database developed by Petrosys Pty Ltd. Much of the data is available in digital format from our Online Store, including scanned Well Completion Reports.

Services & Charges

Well completion and other reports Please contact Geological Survey of Victoria. Well completion reports on DVDs available from Online Store.
Seismic line images from sepia Available from the Geological Survey of Victoria.
Digital well logs and nav data All 2D nav data on DVD and available from Online Store.
Seismic field and processed tapes Processed data available free through Client Services. Offshore field data available through Geoscience Australia.
Digitised and edited early logs These edited digital versions are available from Occam Technology. Otherwise, the hard copy or unedited version is available from the Geological Survey of Victoria.

For further information on data release, or if you would like to discuss an order, please contact Geological Survey of Victoria.

In addition, Geoscience Australia (external link) provides on-line access to petroleum related data:

  • Australian Geological Provinces Database (descriptions and polygon outlines of geological provinces of the Australian continent and surrounding offshore regions),
  • Petroleum Information Management System (PIMS) GIS (seismic survey magnetic tapes and well log data),
  • National Petroleum Wells Database (organic geochemistry, biostratigraphy, reservoir facies) and
  • National Geoscience GIS (geology, geochemistry, geophysics, geohazards, petroleum and mineral resources).

Core Library

For access to cores and cuttings stored in the Earth Resources Core Library, Please contact Geological Survey of Victoria. Access is free of charge however clients must complete a sampling contract and provide a written report on any analysis undertaken using core store material.


Many petroleum related publications including maps, reports and periodicals  can be viewed, downloaded (for free) and purchased as hardcopy or CD/DVD in the Online Store.