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How to Obtain Mineral Tenement Company Reports Relating to Exploration

There are several ways to access reports:

1. Use the Earth Resources Search Assistant

2. Go to the on-line store for a complete set:

3. Go to GeoVic and select GeoVic 3 (anonymous or registered).

GeoVic 3 has many methods for finding the reports.

Among the methods are

  1. Select a tenement by entering the number and open up a tabular view link to the reports.
  2. Add one of the related expired layers and spatially select the tenements and then open up a tabular view link to the reports.

These methods are explained within the GeoVic 3 help tutorials.


1. Open Up GeoVic 3 (registered or unregistered)

2. In quick Search, enter the tenement number you wish to find reports on.

Screenshot of the quick search field to search for reports on

3. Click on the tabular view icon

A series of icons indicating the tabular view icon

Which brings up the default tabular view

4. For summary Reports scroll to the end of the first tabular view
Screenshot of tabular view

And click on "Open"

Screenshot of the 'Open' selection 

and then on "click here to open" and the summary should appear

Screenshot of a summary of a report in pdf format 

5. If you wish to find full company report information

Then open up the full tabular view list

Screenshot of Tabular view indicating range of options

And choose either View "10. Expired ELs – Comp Reps (Zip)" (this selects reports directly allocated to the selected tenement)

Screenshot of tabular view of Expired ELs in compressed zip format
Or View "11. Expired ELs – Comp Old Reps (Zip)" (this selects reports allocated to tenements that are related to the selected tenement.

Screenshot of tabular view showing reports listed for the selection of Expired ELs in Compressed Old reps 

3.b. For spatially selecting tenements and then  finding  the associated reports.

Add either the "Expired Mineral Exploration Licences" layer. (or "Expired Mining Licences and Leases")

Click on "add Layers"

Screenshot showing the icon for layers 

Then navigate to the layer and "tick" it.

Screenshot of data layers to add to the Layers Menu  

And click on the "apply" button.

Then in the table of contents Activate the layer for searches as follows

Right click on the layer, select “Set Active” and “activate the layer”

Once selected, the tabular views can be accessed as in the previous option.

Screenshot of the active layer with the option selected on set active - expired mineral exploration licences

From this point a spatial selection can be used to select the tenements from the active layer, using the “Select Features” tool

Usually, I select the “rectangle” option.

Screenshot of the select features, chosing rectangle as a shape.

The “Select Features” tool becomes active.

This means that whenever I next click on the map, the tenements will be selected.