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Minerals Data

Much of the data acquired in Victoria by mineral licensees or by the department is available free  in order to encourage exploration.

Information acquired by licensees

Under Victorian legislation, mineral licensees must supply information relating to work done under the licence. Annual technical reports, submitted to the department, are made available when the licence expires. The reports contain:

  • A complete record of all geological, geophysical, geochemical and other technical investigations with relevant maps
  • A complete record of all drill holes and excavations with logs and relevant maps
  • Details of any material tested along with assay results
  • A summary of any ore resource or reserves
  • Any interpretations formed as a result of surveys or activities undertaken

Annual reports are available via:

Information acquired by the department

The department acquires and makes available regional information about Victoria, interprets information and writes technical reports. This includes:

  • Mines and mineral occurrences
  • Deposit styles
  • Geological maps and interpretations
  • Geophysical surveys and interpretations
  • Reports on resources and exploration potential
  • 3D geological models
  • Publications

Information acquired by the department is available via:

  • GeoVic the department’s online mapping package which can:
    • display and produce maps of a range of data
    • provide access to datasets that can be interrogated
    • provide geo-referenced datasets
  • The online store which provides:
    • digital data packages
    • maps
    • reports and publications

Core Library

The department also manages a core library with cores, cuttings and sidewall cores from water, coal, mineral and petroleum drilling operations.

To access the core library you must prearrange an appointment. Please contact the Core Library Manager at the address on the core library web page. Access is free of charge however clients must complete a sampling contract and provide a written report on any analysis undertaken using core library material.

Further information

For more information contact us.

In addition, Geoscience Australia (external link) provides on-line access to Australia-wide data:

  • Australian Geological Provinces Database (descriptions and polygon outlines of geological provinces of the Australian continent and surrounding offshore regions),
  • National Geoscience GIS (geology, geochemistry, geophysics, geohazards, petroleum and mineral resources)
  • The annual report on Australia’s Identified Mineral Resources
  • Information about mineral projects in Australia