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Geophysics Data

Geophysical Data Packages are available online and comprise data from specific locations within Victoria as well as the State as a whole.

The ‘Victoria - Gridded Airborne Geophysical Data, and Located and Gridded Gravity’ data package includes:

  1. Airborne geophysical data - Statewide airborne magnetic and  radiometric data compiled from open file government and company surveys. Gridded data in ER Mapper format and pre-prepared images of the gridded data.
  2. Gravity data - Statewide Bouguer anomaly gravity data compiled from open file government, company and university surveys. ASCII located data (onshore only), gridded data in ER Mapper format and pre-prepared images of the gridded data - onshore and offshore.
  3. Airborne survey metadata - Digital Airborne Surveys Index Map. This map shows locations and gives specifications for all digital airborne geophysical surveys in Victoria.

An Airborne Gravity Survey was also carried out for the Gippsland Nearshore (coastal) region as part of a feasibility study for the Carbon Capture and Storage initiative in the Gippsland Basin of Victoria.

Reports and data

Geophysical data, data packages and 3D data packages can be accessed via the Online Store.

Geological Survey of Victoria Report 119, Geophysical Signatures of Base Metal Deposits in Victoria, describes the signatures of volcanic hosted massive sulphides, copper associated with greenstone belts, porphyry-type copper, carbonate hosted base metals and copper mineralisation associated with iron deposits in various parts of the state.

Geoscience Australia Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System.

Geoscience Australia’s ‘Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System’ provides magnetic, radiometric, gravity and digital elevation data from Australian National, State and Territory Government geophysical data archives.

Access the Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System.