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Geochemistry Data

Geochemistry data has been collected under open file exploration and mining licences in Victoria since 1965.

Digital capture of historic stream sediment and soil geochemical sampling data commenced in 1998 under the Victorian Initiative for Minerals and Petroleum program (VIMP). Historic data included more than 72,000 stream sediment and 370,000 soil samples from licences across Victoria.

For each sample, information such as sample number, sample type, analytical results, detection limit, analytical method and tenement details were recorded.

Analysis of open file geochemistry data has identified numerous areas of under-explored prospective terrain.

Data capture is ongoing for recently relinquished licences and as part of the assessment of individual projects.

Reports and data

The results of statistical processing and analysis of the surface geochemistry data over Eastern Victoria are presented in VIMP Report 73.

Digital geochemistry data is available free of charge in the Geoscientific Data Package and can be viewed and downloaded from GeoVic.

Geochemical data, including from surveys and Open File Tenement Reports, can also be accessed via the Search Assistant.

National Geochemistry Survey of Australia

The National Geochemistry Survey of Australia (NGSA), undertaken by Geoscience Australia, involved the collection of soil samples from some 1,400 sites across Australia, including 59 sites in Victoria.

The NGSA collated data on the geochemical composition of transported regolith. Sample materials were collected at the surface as well as at one deeper level.

To access the results of the NGSA Project visit Geoscience Australia.