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Earth Resources Core Library

Photo: Cross section of drill core sample
Photo: Drill core

The Earth Resources Core Library (Core Library) is a facility used for the storage and inspection of rock specimens dating back to the nineteenth century. The specimens have been collected from mineral and petroleum exploration in Victoria, as well as from mapping projects and other geoscientific investigations across the State.

Rock specimens provide invaluable information to assist in the search for new mineral deposits and petroleum reserves. Specimens aid structural and stratigraphic interpretations and provide a range of additional geoscientific information. The Core Library collection consists of rock cores and cuttings from over 11,000 wells and bores drilled for minerals, petroleum, groundwater and geotechnical investigations.

Under legislation, rock specimens are kept confidential until their eventual release for public examination, allowing scientifically and economically significant rock specimens to be further investigated without the additional cost of new exploration. This arrangement helps to increase the efficiency and also decrease the cost of exploration in Victoria.

The Geological Survey of Victoria (GSV) actively collects petroleum core and cuttings according to the requirements of the relevant Petroleum Acts and Petroleum Submerged Lands Acts, and representative samples from mineral exploration conducted under the Minerals Resources (Sustainable Development) Act.

Note that rock specimens from offshore drilling (excluding the three nautical mile zone) have been moved to the Perth Core Library, Western Australia.

To arrange a visit or sample delivery

The Core Library is open each Tuesday – Friday, excluding public holidays. Public visits, as well as core sample deliveries, are by prior arrangement only.

For information about core submission requirements please see the guidelines. The GSV requires the submission of a properly documented report detailing all of the findings of examination and analyses. The report will be kept confidential as specified by the relevant legislation.

The GSV reserves the right to refuse sampling, for instance, where there is a lack of remaining specimen. Note that the sample examination area is not heated or air-conditioned so please dress accordingly. Safety boots are recommended.


The Core Library is located at 18 South Road Werribee, about 40 minutes southwest of Melbourne. Access from Melbourne is via the West Gate Freeway to the Princes Freeway (Geelong Road), then take the Sneydes Road exit.

To visit the Core Library, or to arrange for sample delivery, please email

Ken Sherry
Core Library Manager
Ph: (03) 9452 8798 (Monday)
Ph: (03) 9742 8688 (at the Core Library, Tuesday – Friday)
Mob: 0425 748 225

Alan Carroll
Technical Officer
Ph: 03 9742 8688 (at the Core Library, Tuesday – Friday)
Mob: 0438 067 033

For technical enquiries regarding petroleum related core:

Terry Smith
Ph: 03 9452 8976