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Geological Survey of Victoria

gsv-landingThe Geological Survey of Victoria (GSV) has studied and mapped the geology of Victoria for more than 160 years, providing pre-competitive geoscience information to explorers, existing tenement holders and the public.

The GSV undertakes projects and programs in three areas - regional geological investigations, mineral and energy resource and prospectivity assessments and geoscience information management.

The GSV focusses its research on:

  • Basin studies
  • Geophysical interpretation
  • Structural geology
  • Geochemistry
  • Geochronology
  • Seismic and gravity surveys
  • Petrology and mineralisation studies
  • Regolith studies

Visit the Geological Survey of Victoria Projects page for information about current and past projects.

In addition to its core work program, the GSV undertakes joint programs with external organisations such as Geoscience Australia and Cooperative Research Centres to further understand the State’s geological systems and resource base.

Within Government, the GSV works closely with Minerals Development Victoria, the industry investment arm of the Victorian Government’s Earth Resources Policy and Programs branch.

Geoscience information, including Exploration and Mining Licence reports, minerals, petroleum and other data is available for download from the Online Store or via the Search Assistant.

For further information visit:

For enquiries, contact us.