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Schedule 15 – Information required in expenditure and activity return - Exploration licence

Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) (Mineral Industries) Interim Regulations 2018 - Regulation 31

Note: This form replaces Schedule 15 - Information required in expenditure and activities return - Exploration licence, for the purposes of Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) (Mineral Industries) Regulations 2013 - Regulation 31.

The Expenditure Report maybe submitted via RRAM or a hard copy may be submitted concurrently with the Technical Report, but must not be incorporated in the main body of the report.

1. Exploration licence number and operation name: (One licence only per form)

Exploration Licence Number

Operation Name (optional)

2. Period covered by this return

Twelve-month period

If Final Report





3. Name and role of person completing the return

Name of person

Role of person

Summary of Operations and Expenditure

Claims for own labour expenditure must be substantiated by records of hours worked, rates of pay and qualifications and experience.

The following expenses may be claimed by adding these expenses under 'other' office based activities:

  • Aboriginal heritage surveys;
  • Flora and fauna surveys;
  • Water studies;
  • Rent associated with the licence;
  • Native Title and private landholder compensation;
  • Tenement management costs;
  • Wages, salaries and own labour.

Office-based activities

Section 4. Expenditure on office-based activities including –

 Expenditure ($)
(a) literature search

(b) database compilation

(c) computer modelling

(d) reprocessing of data

(e) general research

(f) geological and geophysical interpretation

(g) mineral ore resource/reserve estimates

(h) report preparation, including the expenditure and activities return and mineralisation report

(i) other office-based activities (specify)

(i cont.) other office-based activities details 

Section 5. Total expenditure on office-based activities

Reconnaissance activities

Section 6. Expenditure on airborne exploration surveys and the number of line kilometres flown for –

Exploration Work Type and ItemLine KilometresExpenditure ($)
(a) aeromagnetics kms
(b) radiometrics kms
(c) electromagnetics kms
(d) gravity kms
(e) digital terrain modelling kms
(f) other airborne exploration surveys (specify) kms
(f cont.) other airborne exploration surveys details 
Airborne exploration surveys subtotal

Section 7. Expenditure on remote sensing including –

(a) aerial photography
(b) LANDSAT satellite imagery
(c) SPOT satellite imagery
(d) multi-spectral scanner
(e) other remote sensing (specify)
(e cont.) other remote sensing details 
Remote sensing subtotal

Section 8. Expenditure on ground exploration including -

(a) Geological Mapping -
(i) regional
(ii) reconnaissance
(iii) prospect
(iv) pre-existing underground development
Geological mapping subtotal
(b) Ground Geophysics -
Exploration Work Type and ItemDistance (kilometres/metres)Work (stations/samples)Expenditure ($)
(i) radiometrics
(ii) magnetics
(iii) gravity
(iv) digital terrain modelling
(v) electromagnetics
(vi) self potential
(vii) induced polarisation
(viii) audiomagnetotellurics
(ix) resistivity
(x) complex resistivity
(xi) seismic reflection
(xii) seismic refraction
(xiii) petrophysics
(xiv) other ground geophysics (specify)
(xiv cont.) other ground geophysics details 
Ground geophysics subtotal
(c) Geochemical surveying and sample collection -
 Number of samplesExpenditure ($)
(i) stream sediment
(ii) soil
(iii) rock chip
(iv) laterite
(v) water
(vi) biogeochemical sampling
(d) related geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology of samples -
(i) laboratory analysis
(specify element and type) 
(ii) whole rock analysis
(iii) mineral analysis
(iv) isotopic studies
(v) petrology
(vi) other geochemical surveying (specify)
(vi cont.) other geochemical surveying details 

Geochemical  surveying and related geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology subtotal (Section  8, sum of c and d)

Total expenditure for On ground exploration (Section 8 sum of a, b, c  and d)

Section 9. Total expenditure on Reconnaissance activities (Sum of Section  6, 7 and 8)

Sub-surface evaluation

Section 10. Expenditure on drilling and related activities

Exploration Work Type and ItemHolesMetresExpenditure ($)
(a) diamond drilling
(b) reverse circulation
(c) rotary air blast
(d) air core
(e) auger
(f) other drilling (specify)
(f cont.) other drilling details 
(g) well logging and other downhole geophysics
(h) related preparation, geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology of drill samples -
 Number of samplesExpenditure ($)
(i) laboratory analysis
(specify element and type) 
(ii) whole rock analysis
(iii) mineral analysis
(iv) isotopic studies
(v) petrology
(vi) other (specify)
(vi cont.) other details 
Drilling and related activities subtotal

Section 11. Expenditure on -

 Work (kilometres/samples/tonnes)Expenditure ($)
(a) costeaning/ditchwitching and related subsurface mapping and sampling
(b) bulk sampling and related subsurface mapping and sampling
(c) Shaft restoration or other underground development (describe) and related subsurface mapping and sampling
(c cont.) please describe 
(d) related geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology of subsurface samples -
 Number of samplesExpenditure ($)
(i) laboratory analysis
(specify element and type) 
(ii) whole rock analysis
(iii) mineral analysis
(iv) isotopic studies
(v) petrology
(vi) other (specify)
(vi cont.) other details 
(e) subsurface geophysical surveys (describe)
(e cont.) please describe 
 Work (samples/tonnes)Expenditure ($)
(f) bulk sample processing, testing and analysis
(g) mineral processing testing
Other operations subtotal

Section 12. Expenditure on rehabilitation -

(a) after drilling
(b) track maintenance
(c) monitoring
(d) other (specify)
(d cont.) other rehabilitation details  
Rehabilitation subtotal

Section 13. Total expenditure on sub-surface evaluation activities

Section 14. Total reported expenditure (sum of 5, 9 and 13)

Section 15: Any comment on administrative matters related to work on the licence during the reporting period, including progress on landowner compensation agreements, purchase of equipment, timing of surveys, etc.:


If accompanying an Annual Technical report, give

Title of Technical Report

Locality of Operation

Nearby town names
I certify that the information contained herein, is a true statement of the operations carried out and the monies expended on the above mentioned Exploration Licence during the period specified as required under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 and the Regulations thereunder

I have attached the Technical report

1. Name:2. Name: