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Installation and Hints

EL Template Software

To install the software, unzip EL and place files in the same temporary directory and run "setup.exe". The setup program will prompt for inputs when required.


The installation package creates the text file "EL_template.ini" in the folder to which you choose to install the program. This file contains the path to the lookup tables "*.txt" and the MS Access database "template.mdb".

By default, it contains the path "c:\Program Files\EL template\".

If you choose to install to a location other than the default, !!----**** YOU MUST MANUALLY EDIT "EL_template.ini" ACCORDINGLY ****----!!

using Notepad or another text editor, otherwise the program will generate an error message on opening.

Modification of this .ini file provides the capability to store the lookup files and database file in locations separate from the main program.


On installation, Windows 95 users may receive a message to the effect that the installer cannot proceed without updating system files, necessitating a reboot. If this happens, allow the reboot and run setup.exe again.

The installation will then run to completion.


The program has been tested on Windows 2000,97, 95 and NT operating systems.



The metadata header will not attach to raw data files with more than 20 columns.