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Extractives Guidelines and Codes of Practice

Undertaking Work

Revised work plan guidelines for extractive industries are currently being developed. For more information or to receive a draft of the new guidelines,contact Earth Resources Regulation.

Reportable Events

Code of Practice Small Quarries

Declared Mines and Quarries Guideline for Preparation of Six Monthly and Annual Reports


Rehabilitation and environmental aspects of mining and extractive work plans

Rehabilitation Bonds

Establishment and Management of Rehabilitation Bonds for the Mining and Extractives Industries

Bond calculator

Bond Calculator Installation and Hints

Tailings Management

Strategic Framework for Tailings Management

Irrigation and Commercial Farm Dams Licence to Water Your Dam Responsibility

Management of Tailings Storage Facilities

Management of Small Tailings Storage Facilities

Tailings Storage Data Sheet

Explanatory Notes for Completing Tailings Storage Data Sheet

Native Vegetation

Native Vegetation Guide for Mines and Quarries


Management of Water in Mines and Quarries

Groundwater Licensing and Trading in Victoria for Earth Resources Industries

Aboriginal Heritage

Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006/Heritage Act 1995 Guidance Notes


Ground Vibration and Airblast Limits for Blasting in Mines and Quarries

Quarry Batter Stability

Guidance Material for the Assessment of Geotechnical Risks in Open Pit Mines and Quarries

Environment Review Committees


Ministerial Guidelines for notices and injunctions relating to the Regulation of Earth Resources in Victoria