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Applying for a licence online

To apply for a licence online, log in to the RRAM Business Portal using your RRAM login details.

If you do not have your RRAM login details or are unsure of your login details, contact RRAM Support.

For more information on submitting an application via RRAM, visit the RRAM web page or contact Earth Resources Regulation.Link to RRAM Business Portal


The Victorian legislation applies to pipelines within the 3 nautical miles from the coast.

The Victorian legislation addresses all licensing, health, safety, environmental and royalty issues for pipelines. Provided below is a list and direct link to the Act and relevant Regulations used to administer offshore petroleum exploration and development within State waters.


Onshore pipelines are administered by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). For more information on onshore pipelines, contact DELWP at