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Environment Plan Summaries

The Victorian State Government publishes environment plan submissions to keep the stakeholders and community informed.

Under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Regulations 2011, an operator is required to provide a summary of an accepted environment plan to Minister's satisfaction within 10 days of notification that the plan has been accepted.

In accordance with Regulation 13 of the Environment Regulations, environment plan summaries must contain the following material from the accepted environment plan:

  • the location of the activity
  • a description of the receiving environment
  • a description of the activity
  • details of environmental impacts and risks
  • a summary of the control measures for the activity
  • a summary of arrangements for ongoing monitoring of the titleholders environmental performance
  • a summary of response arrangements in the oil pollution emergency plan
  • details of consultation already undertaken and plans for ongoing consultation
  • details of the titleholder's nominated liaison person for the activity.

To view the EP Summary, click on the links provided below. Accessible versions of these documents will be developed shortly. Until then, contact the Digital and Social Media team if you need an accessible version of these documents.

Environmental Plan Summary Name  
Origin Enterprise II: 3D Transition Zone Seismic Survey EP Summarypdf Origin Enterprise 3D Transition Zone Seismic Survey Environment Plan Summary (PDF 2516.61 KB)PDF iconword Origin Enterprise 3D Transition Zone Seismic Survey Environment Plan Summary (DOCX 7811.11 KB)DOCX icon
Origin Enterprise I: Seismic Survey EP Summarypdf Origin-Enterprise-Seismic-Survey-EP-Summary.pdf (PDF 906.01 KB)PDF iconword Origin-Enterprise-Seismic-Survey-EP-Summary.doc (DOC 933.5 KB)DOC icon 
Santos Casino Pipeline EP Summarypdf Santos-Casino-Pipeline-EP-Summary.pdf (PDF 260.52 KB)PDF iconword Santos-Casino-Pipeline-EP-Summary.doc (DOC 515.5 KB)DOC icon 
Origin Otway Operations EP Summarypdf Origin-Otway-Operations-EP-Summary.pdf (PDF 1035.27 KB)PDF iconword Origin-Otway-Operations-EP-Summary.doc (DOC 719 KB)DOC icon 
Esso Bass Strait EP Summarypdf Esso-Bass-Strait-EP-Summary.pdf (PDF 1161.84 KB)PDF iconword Esso-Bass-Strait-EP-Summary.doc (DOC 6616.5 KB)DOC icon
BHP Biliton Minerva Operations EP Summarypdf BHP-Biliton-Minerva-Operations-EP-Summary.pdf (PDF 4464.72 KB)PDF iconword BHP-Biliton-Minerva-Operations-EP-Summary.doc (DOC 629 KB)DOC icon 
Tasmanian Gas EP Summarypdf Tasmanian-Gas-EP-Summary.pdf (PDF 990.81 KB)PDF iconword Tasmanian-Gas-EP-Summary.doc (DOC 1558.5 KB)DOC icon
Patricia Baleen Pipeline Non-Operational Phase VICPL31(V) Environment Plan Summarypdf PaB Non-Operational Phase Environment Plan Summary (PDF 619.83 KB)PDF iconword PaB Non-Operational Phase Environment Plan Summary (DOCX 863.12 KB)DOCX icon