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Schedule 10: Application for Renewal of Mining Licence

Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 - Section 29(1)
Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) (Mineral Industries) Interim Regulations 2018 - Regulation 25


1. Name and address of applicant(s) (if the applicant is a company, the registered address of the company):











2. Correspondence and Addresses:


Contact Person Name: 
Email Address:

3. Reason for renewal:

4. Program of work:

You must attach a program of work to your renewal application which describes the location and types of work to be undertaken.

Your program of work should provide a time schedule for, and details of any proposed work.

If you are not already mining, your program of work should reflect a clear intention to establish a mine.

For further information of preparing your program of work, please refer to the "Mining Licences Guidelines".

Estimated expenditure for the next 5 years of the licence.

5. Please tick which of the following has been included with your application:

(a) Evidence that mining is currently taking place including evidence that mining will continue after renewal.
(b) Evidence that mining has previously taken place and evidence that mining will re-commence within 2 years.
(c) If your mining licence was granted pre 1 February 2012 and you do not meet either of the above requirements, a mineralisation report prepared in accordance with the Guidelines for Description of a Mineral Resource.

NOTE if your application for renewal is being lodged under part (b) or (c) above, if renewed, the term of renewal may be restricted to a two year term.

6. Term of renewal required:


7. Signature of applicant(s) see notes 1 and 2 below:

8. Date of Application:


1. Applications made by a company must be signed by a company director or company secretary or alternatively by a person who provides written evidence that he or she is authorised to act on behalf of the company with respect to the application.

2. If an application is made and submitted by a person acting on behalf of another party, the applicant must provide written evidence that he or she is authorised to act on behalf of that other party with respect to the application.