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Exploration Licence Requirements for Renewal

Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990, section 29
Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) (Mineral Industries) Interim Regulations 2018,
regulation 25

Renewal Application

A renewal application should be made on the department's application for renewal form and must be accompanied by the relevant fee.

The renewal application should be lodged before the licence expires. If an application for renewal is received before the licence expires, the licence continues in operation until the renewal is granted and registered, or refused.

The application must also include a program of work that describes the geological rationale behind the work program and should be focused on target testing and resource delineation as outlined in the exploration licence renewal application. The program of work submitted with the licence renewal application describing the work which will be undertaken must be completed and can only be varied with agreement of the Minister.

The transitional provisions applying to existing exploration licences relate to the limits on renewals and further relinquishment requirements.

The new relinquishment requirements (reducing the licence area by 20% of the original licence area at the end of year 7 and 10% at the end of year 10) will apply on renewal of the licence, as applicable.

Please refer to the Exploration Licences Guidelines and the Transitional arrangements for existing exploration and mining licences-Fact Sheet

The renewal application must be submitted through RRAM and received by ERR before the licence expires at:

Earth Resources Information Centre

Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources

Level 15, 1 Spring Street,

Melbourne, 3000

or by post:

GPO Box 2392

Melbourne VIC 3001

Reporting and Assessment

Expenditure & Activities returns - schedule 15; and Technical reports - schedule 19 are important inputs into the assessment of a renewal application for an exploration licence. Renewal applications may be recommended for refusal if there is inadequate information to support renewal.

Please ensure that any outstanding technical deficiencies are addressed prior to the renewal application being submitted so that the renewal can be assessed in a timely manner.

Please note:
All reports must be submitted by the required date. Failure to submit reports represents a breach of the Regulations and may incur an infringement.

In addition, renewal applications will  not be considered until all reports are lodged.