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Compliance and Enforcement

The Earth Resources Regulation Branch uses promotion, education and advice to encourage compliance with the responsibilities of holding a tenement under the legislation covering the mining, quarrying and petroleum industries.

Tenement compliance information

The following booklet explains the requirements for holding a tenement under the mining and quarrying legislation: A Guide to Tenement Compliance


Operations compliance information

Minerals and Extractive Operations Group detect a failure to comply with the legislation, industry should expect an enforcement response. Our policy is to respond to a failure to comply with legislation (including a tenement condition) through a graded enforcement approach:

  • give advice
  • express concern orally
  • issue an instruction
  • give a direction
  • issue a notice
  • infringement notice
  • issue an order to cease work
  • prosecute
  • cancel the tenement

This enforcement policy provides the guiding principles necessary for a fair, safe and equitable application of the law in the day to day dealings of authorised persons with the general public and others. The policy is also a clear indication of what the public will receive from law enforcers by way of information, choice and public safety.