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Tailings Storage data sheet

Download the PDF version of this document: Tailings Storage data sheet

Project Data

License/Work Authority: Date:
Operation/Site name:
TSF name:
TSF centre coordinates (GDA94): North East
Name data provider:

TSF Data

TSF Status:

Proposed Operational Care and Maintenance Part rehabilitated Rehabilitated
Type of TSF1 Number of Cells2
Catchment area3 Nearest watercourse
Date deposition started (mm/yy) Date deposition completed
Tailings discharge method4 Water recovery method5
Bottom of facility sealed or lined? Y/N
Type of seal or liner6
Depth to original groundwater level Original groundwater
Ore process7 Material storage rate8

IMPOUNDMENT VOLUME:    Present Expected maximum m3
MASS OF SOLIDS STORED:   Present Expected maximum

Foundation soils Wall lifting by
Foundation rocks Upstream     Downstream     Centre line
MAX WALL HEIGHT (AGL)9 Present    Expected
CREST LENGTH Present    Expected max
IMPOUNDMENT AREA Present    Expected max


Properties of Tailings

TDS10 mg/1 pH Solids content%
Deposited density WAD CN11 mg/1 Total CN mg/1

Chemical Constituents of tailings12


Solid / Liquid

Conc.(units)13 Constituent Solid / Liquid Conc.(units)11

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