Earth Resources Regulation

Mining licence application process


Applying for a mining licence

Mineral exploration and mining in Victoria is regulated under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 and the Mineral Resources Development Regulations 2002.

When applying for a mining licence, applicants will need to provide the following information:

  • A map of scale 1:25,000 or larger showing the boundaries of private land and Crown land
  • A mineralisation report which includes the exploration results in relation to the described mineral resource and includes evidence that:
    • Where pre-feasibility or other relevant studies were undertaken, they were completed by a suitably qualified person and demonstrate economic viability
    • Where pre-feasibility or other relevant studies were not undertaken, the applicant can demonstrate a commitment to mining.
  • Details of the program work program including:
    • A map of the location of the proposed works
    • A description of the proposed type of works including the type of ore treatment
    • Other relevant details of the proposed program of work as required
  • Evidence of experience in mining
  • A description of the mineral resource that indicates whether the resource has been proved to JORC indicated status, a JORC measured status or an alternative and accepted standard
  • Evidence of the financial capacity to fund the estimated expenditure
  • Evidence of being a fit and proper person
  • An estimate of the likely expenditure on the work program.

If the application includes Crown land, the applicant is required to comply with the Native Title Act 1993 Cth (NTA) and/or the Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010 (VIC).

Licence progression to mining in Victoria


Key features of mining licences

  • Licence granted early in the process; approval to do work obtained after licence grant
  • Requires identification of a mineral resource, a mineralisation report (where relevant) and demonstration that a resource and project will be economically viable required prior to grant
  • Licence may be granted for up to 20 years (or more, at Minister’s discretion)
  • Licence renewals possible
  • Applicants and/or licensees may refer a dispute to the Mining Warden
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