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Notice of Intention to Commence Mining Work on a Mining Licence or a Prospecting Licence

Tenements Officer
Earth Resources Regulation
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
GPO BOX 2392

To the Chief Inspector

I/we have complied with the following requirements to enable the commencement of work on a licence:

Tick the boxes below and complete as appropriate and attach information if required

Note: Unless the Minister declares otherwise in writing, an approved work plan is not required to commence mining work on a mining licence less than 5 hectares in area or on a prospecting licence, provided the work does not involve underground operations, blasting, clearing of native vegetation or the use of chemical treatments. Where an approved work plan is not required, work must be undertaken in accordance with the Code of Practice for Low Risk Mines

I/we have lodged the rehabilitation bond of $


The rehabilitation bond of $ is enclosed

I/we have a Public Liability Insurance policy in respect of all work approved by the work plan for at least $10 million.

I/we the holder/s of the above mining licence or prospecting licence hereby give notice to the Chief Inspector that I/we intend to commence work in accordance with the:-

The contact person for work on this licence is: