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Current Earth Resources Tenements

Exploration Licences Map

Updated: June 2016
Map showing Exploration Licences in Victoria, Australia

Please click the image above to view a larger version

Areas shown on the map:

  • Exploration Licences (applications are in italics)
  • Moratorium Areas - Areas of land previously covered by an exploration licence, which will become available for licence application on the dates shown on the map.
  • Areas Under Exemption - Areas exempt from being subjected to Minerals Licences. MR(SD)A 1990 Sec 7. May be revoked by notice in the Govt Gazette.
  • Unavailable Areas - Areas unavailable for searching or exploration or mining or prospecting MR(SD)A 1990 Sec 6. Includes National, State and Wilderness Parks and Reference areas.

Current Mineral TenementsCurrent_Granted_MRSDA_Mineral_Tenements_20160104.xlsx (XLSX 40.55 KB)XLSX icon
Current Mineral Tenement ApplicationsCurrent_Mineral_Applications (XLSX 20.66 KB)XLSX icon
Current Onshore Petroleum TenementsCurrent-Onshore-Petroleum-Tenements (XLSX 11.96 KB)XLSX icon
Current Offshore Petroleum TenementsCurrent-Offshore-Petroleum-Tenements (XLSX 14.25 KB)XLSX icon
Current Geothermal TenementsCurrent-Geothermal-Tenements (XLSX 14.23 KB)XLSX icon
Current Offshore PipelinesCurrent Offshore Pipeline Tenements (XLSX 15.96 KB)XLSX icon

Suspension and Extension of Petroleum Licences

DEDJTR will continue to assess and consider approving applications for the suspension of conditions and associated extension of petroleum and geothermal authorities until the outcome of the Parliamentary Inquiry into onshore unconventional gas is known. While the Parliamentary Inquiry is underway the moratorium on all onshore gas activities will continue. This includes a hold on approvals for fracking, a hold on onshore gas drilling and a ban on the use of BTEX chemicals.

The following applications for Suspension and Extension of petroleum permits have been approved Petroleum-Titles-List-of-Suspension-and-Extensions (DOCX 16.14 KB)DOCX icon during the moratorium on all onshore gas activities.

Find out more about the current status of onshore gas.

Work Plan Approval Status

Work Plan Approval StatusWork-Plan-Approval-Status.xlsx (XLSX 114.23 KB)XLSX icon

The Work Plan Approval Status summarises the status of extractive industry, mineral exploration and mining work plans which have been lodged with the Earth Resources Regulation Branch of the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources for assessment.

The Report is updated monthly and only includes information about work plans lodged after 1 May 2006.

Information about work plans which have been approved under the respective legislation will be removed from the report after three months.

Should you have any queries about a particular work plan please contact the relevant Regional Minerals and Extractive Operations office.

These reports may be of assistance to you, but the State of Victoria and its officers do not guarantee that the reports are without flaw of any kind or are wholly appropriate for your particular purpose and therefore disclaims all liability for any error, loss or other consequence which may arise from you relying on any information in these reports.