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Stockman Project

The Stockman Project is located approximately 19 kilometres east of Benambra in East Gippsland. The project includes areas covered by Mining Licence 5523 (MIN5523) and is focused on mining copper and zinc at two locations. A separate infrastructure mining licence application (MIN006642) has been submitted for the expansion of an adjacent tailings storage facility.

The Authority Holder for the site is WHSP Stockman Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of CopperChem Limited, which itself is owned by Washington H. Soul Pattison Pty Ltd.

Current status and future plans

In 2014 an Environment Effects Statement (EES) was prepared for the proposed mining project at the site. The then Minister for Planning's Ministerial Assessment of the EES recommended that the project should proceed subject to the recommendations of the EES Inquiry. The mining project requires the remaining necessary regulatory approvals before it can commence.

In January 2018 WHSP Stockman submitted an infrastructure mining licence application over the former tailings storage facility with the intention of commencing mining operations under an adjacent mining licence. An infrastructure mining licence is a licence solely for the construction of a facility or other infrastructure to be used for mining under another licence. Earth Resources Regulation is assessing the licence application.

WHSP Stockman will need to submit a work plan application for the proposed mining operation, including mining, processing and tailings storage if successful in being granted the infrastructure mining licence for the area over the former tailings storage facility.

Community engagement

WHSP Stockman will have a duty to consult with the community throughout the period of any licence that is granted under Section 39A of the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990. Earth Resources Regulation expects all licence holders to respond to reasonable community inquiries about the project, including inquiries from people located downstream of the site.

Community members can participate in the consultation process at any time during a project's life cycle, including prior to any mining work commencing. Any concerns that community members have with the project can be discussed with WHSP Stockman directly. You can contact WHSP Stockman here.

Matters of community interest

A list of links relating to the Stockman Project that may be of interest to the local community is below.

Regulatory compliance

Earth Resources Regulation ensures that operators comply with the conditions of their licences. View more information on compliance activities.


To contact WHSP Stockman, you can phone (03) 5159 1300 or email WHSP Stockman.

Contact Earth Resources Regulation

We welcome your feedback. If you have any queries regarding the Stockman Project, call us on (03) 8392 6050 or email us.