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Surface and Groundwater

Surface Water

Is Stawell's water supply safe to drink?

Yes. Stawell's water supply servicing the town is safe to drink.

Samples of the town's water supply are tested and monitored by Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water (GWM Water) for heavy metals and cyanide.

Is the quality of my tank water impacted?

Tank water captured in rainwater tanks has not been tested in Stawell.

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What potential is there for Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) to contaminate groundwater?

There is evidence of contaminated groundwater from the TSF both within the operational site and outside of it.

Local groundwater surrounding the TSF at Stawell Gold Mine (SGM) is continually monitored through a network of bores by SGM and reports are provided to Earth Resources Regulation (ERR) and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

The EPA monitors and acts on reports of land contamination outside of the operational area while ERR monitors and manages onsite contamination.

The EPA has issued two clean up notices relating to groundwater contamination from the tailing storage facility. The matter is the subject of ongoing investigation and corrective actions.

Is the ground water safe to drink?

The groundwater in this area is not suitable for people or livestock to drink as it has high salinity levels. Groundwater is not part of the town's main water supply.