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Air Quality

Mining activities impact the air quality around the site. Standards of discharges in the atmosphere must be monitored and comply with environmental standards. 

The quality of air and monitoring must comply with set standards. Environmental factors such as wind, temperature and humidity are considered in managing the air quality on site.

How does Stawell Gold Mines (SGM) monitor air quality?

Stawell Gold Mines (SGM) has a network of dust monitoring gauges around the site. This includes two dust monitoring cameras and two continuous monitors in the Stawell township (one bordering the Tailings Storage Facility (TSF)) to monitor emissions in real time.

SGM also conducts periodic monitoring, sampling and analysis of discharges from site vent shafts.

Is the mine complying with air quality standards and regulations?

The technical Review of Environmental Performance for the Stawell Gold Mine report found that the mine operations are compliant with Victoria's licensing and regulatory requirements.

The report did not find evidence of any risks to the community's health.

SGM has applied a range of dust control and suppression measures to ensure community safety.

What happens when cyanide discharges into the atmosphere?

Cyanide breaks down naturally in the environment. The break-down of cyanide in the atmosphere is a complex process and depends on environmental factors including wind, temperature and humidity. SGM needs to comply with specific environmental standards to ensure air quality requirements are met.