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Community Engagement

Under Section 39A of the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990, the Stawell Gold Mines (SGM) has a duty to consult with the community throughout the period of the licence by:

  1. sharing with the community information about any activities authorised by the licence that may affect the community; and
  2. giving members of the community a reasonable opportunity to express their views about those activities.

Find out more about community engagement guidelines.

What types of community engagement should I expect?

In most instances, licensees will take various approaches to engaging with their stakeholders including:

  • Environmental Review Committee (ERC) meetings
  • community meetings and/or information sessions
  • one on one discussions
  • community surveys
  • feedback forms
  • newsletters (paper or email)
  • website / social media
  • responding to complaints and enquiries.

Does SGM have an ERC?

Yes. In accordance with condition 37 of SGM's Mining Licence, SGM is required to hold an ERC meeting every six months.

What is an Environmental Review Committee?

An Environmental Review Committee (ERC) is a group of stakeholders who review environmental performance relating to a mine or quarry. The SGM's ERC includes SGM representatives, local council, relevant government and non-government organisations and representatives from the local community.

Find out more about ERC guidelines.

Who represents the community at the ERC?

Up to 10 community members are selected to represent the community on the SGM ERC.

Community members are chosen to represent a broad range of views and opinions across the community.

What is the role of ERC community representatives?

Community representatives are selected to act for the community and community interest groups. These are volunteer positions and have no legal obligations. Part of their role is to act as a link for information between the company and the community.

SGM is responsible for reporting on the mine's environmental performance and providing community information about operational activities to the ERC.

What is the role of the Earth Resources Regulation (ERR) representative at an ERC meeting?

An ERR representative attends ERC meetings to share information and answer questions (where appropriate) or provide information to the community about the regulator's activities.

How can I become a community representative on the ERC?

The appointment of representatives to the ERC is a site specific process, which has been agreed upon between the mine and the community.

For the SGM ERC, the community representative vacancies are advertised in the local newspaper. Nominees need to complete an Expression of Interest and respond to selection criteria.

Applicants are reviewed by an independent committee appointed by the Northern Grampians Shire Council and decided by the independent Chair and existing members.

The ERC operates with a clear Terms of Reference, which has been agreed upon by the sitting representatives.

For more information about the ERC and its operation, you can contact SGM by:

Phone: (03) 5358 9321


I am not an ERC member. Can I review the meeting minutes?

Yes. A summary of the ERC minutes are posted on Stawell Gold Mines Facebook page.

How do I make a complaint to SGM?

You can lodge a complaint by contacting SGM on (03) 5358 1022 or email

When you make your complaint, it's important to provide clear details about your concerns including; time, dates and duration of the issue.

How will my complaint be managed?

Under the mine's licence conditions, SGM must act on all complaints received and record:

  • date and time of complaint
  • name of complainant
  • specific issues raised in the complaint
  • actions taken to address specific issues in the complaint.