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Care and Maintenance

Stawell Gold Mines Pty Ltd (SGM) announced Stawell Gold Mine would move into care and maintenance in December 2016.

What is care and maintenance?

Care and maintenance operations commence when an operator advises they have ceased extraction and processing work. During this time mining infrastructure on site will be maintained in operational condition to ensure the possibility of restart.

What is the role of the mining regulator during the care and maintenance phase?

Earth Resources Regulation (ERR) will continue to regulate the Stawell gold mine in accordance with their approved work plan and mining licence conditions. ERR will focus on the environmental monitoring and management of the site.

Will environmental monitoring continue during the care and maintenance phase?

Yes. SGM has ongoing environmental monitoring obligations in accordance with their approved work plan and mining licence.

Changes to the environmental program will need endorsement by ERR.

Will the local community be consulted during the care and maintenance period?

Yes. SGM has ongoing community engagement obligations. This includes the continuation of the Environmental Review Committee (ERC).

Changes to the level of community engagement and consultation will need to be endorsed by the ERC and ERR.

Find more information regarding Stawell Community Engagement activities.

What happens if a decision is made to close the site permanently?

Closure will be undertaken in accordance with the site closure plan.