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Stawell Gold Mine

The Stawell gold mine is located adjacent to the township of Stawell, 250km northwest of Melbourne. Stawell is a rural township with a population of approximately 6,000 people within the Northern Grampians Shire.

The Stawell district is a historic goldfield dating back to 1850s. The current operator, Stawell Gold Mines Pty Ltd (SGM), commenced mining in 1981 and operates the mine under Mining Licence 5260 (MIN5260).

Current status and future plans

The mine has been in the care and maintenance phase since the decision to cease mining and processing operations in December 2016.

In December 2017, SGM was purchased by Melbourne-based private equity company Arete Capital Partners. Arete plan to return the Stawell gold mine to production by expanding and utilising existing exploration programs to identify new viable resources.

Arete will focus on the underground eastern side of the existing SGM facilities as well as remnant underground mineralisation on the western side. There are no current plans for surface-based mining.

Community engagement and Environmental Review Committee

Under Section 39A of the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990, SGM have a duty to consult with the community throughout the period of their licence.

SGM's Mining Licence requires SGM to convene an Environmental Review Committee (ERC) to review environmental performance relating to the mine. The SGM ERC meets every three months and comprises ten members who represent a range of interests across the Stawell community. Earth Resources Regulation is also represented on the ERC. SGM publishes the minutes of its ERC meetings on its Facebook page.

View more information about Environmental Review Committees.

The process to appoint representatives to the ERC is agreed between SGM and the community. When a vacancy in the ERC needs to be filled:

  1. the vacancy is advertised in the local newspaper calling for nominees to complete an Expression of Interest and respond to selection criteria
  2. applicants are reviewed by an independent committee appointed by the Northern Grampians Shire Council
  3. a decision is made by the independent Chair and existing ERC members.

Matters of community interest

A list of links relating to the Stawell gold mine that may be of interest to the local community is below.

Regulatory compliance

Earth Resources Regulation may issue a compliance or remedial notice to SGM if they fail to comply with the conditions or provisions of their licence under the MRSDA.

View current and previous compliance and remedial notices issued by ERR.

Feedback and complaints

To contact SGM (including enquiries about the Environmental Review Committee or to register a complaint about the Stawell Gold Mine), you can phone (03) 5350 1002.

If you make a complaint, it is important to provide clear details about the issue you are complaining about including the:

  • time
  • date
  • duration.

Under the conditions of SGM's licence, all complaints must be acted upon. SGM must record the:

  • date and time of the complaint
  • name of the complainant
  • specific issues related in the complaint
  • actions taken to address specific issues in the complaint.

Contact Earth Resources Regulation

ERR welcomes your feedback. If you have any queries regarding the Stawell Gold Mine, call us on (03) 8392 6050 or email us.