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Fingerboards Mineral Sands project

Kalbar Resources is proposing to develop  a mineral sands deposit at the Fingerboards in Glenaladale, East Gippsland. The Glenaladale mineral sands deposit straddles East Gippsland Shire and Wellington Shire, but the project area is located entirely in East Gippsland Shire.

The Fingerboards Mineral Sands project is located at the crossroads of Bairnsdale-Dargo Rd and Fernbank-Glenaladale Rd, east of Lindenow, between Stratford and Bairnsdale in Victoria.

Kalbar Resources (Kalbar) is an Australian-owned company active in both the Northern Territory and Victoria. In 2013 Kalbar purchased the Gippsland Heavy Mineral Sands Project from Rio Tinto.

Read more about the Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project on the Kalbar website.

What is the status of the project?

In December 2016, the Minister for Planning determined that the proposed project requires an Environment Effects Statement (EES) assessment under the Environment Effects Act 1978 as the proposal has potential for a range of significant environmental effects.

Read more about the EES Referral and Reasons and Decision.

Kalbar has advised Earth Resources Regulation (ERR) that it has appointed an environmental consultancy to oversee the development of the EES and is currently developing a Consultation Plan that will be required as part of the process.

What is an Environment Effects Statement?

An EES is a document prepared by the proponent of the project. The EES describes the potential environmental effects of a proposed project, assesses relevant alternatives and outlines how the proponent proposes to manage environmental effects. The EES process is administered by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

Kalbar expects that the EES will take approximately two years to complete.

Read more about the EES process in Victoria.

Note: The EES assessment is not an approval process. The process enables statutory decision-makers to determine whether a project with potentially significant environmental effects should proceed.

Will the government support the community during the assessment process?

Yes. The Victorian Government will support the Glenaladale community through the Community Education and Community Advisor Grant programs.

  • Community Education Grant: the government has appointed Environmental Justice Australia to deliver community education workshops and online resources to the Glenaladale community under the Community Education Grant program.
  • Community Advisor Grant: the government will provide grants to eligible not-for-profit community organisations that seek to represent the local community during public hearings in relation to the Fingerboards proposal.

For more information on the Community Education and Community Advisor Grant programs, visit the Earth Resources Website.

What is Earth Resources Regulation's (ERR) role?

At this stage of the project as the earth resources regulator in Victoria, ERR will be a key contributor to the EES assessment process and a member of the Technical Reference Group. ERR cannot approve or refuse the proposed project until the EES is completed.