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Fingerboards Mineral Sands project

The Fingerboards Minerals Sands project is located in Glenaladale, between Stratford and Bairnsdale in East Gippsland. The project proposes to develop a mineral sands deposit in the area.

Kalbar Resources (Kalbar) is an Australian company that holds a number of retention and exploration licences relating to the project, which lie within East Gippsland Shire.

Current status and future plans

Kalbar Resources is currently preparing an Environment Effects Statement (EES) under the Environment Effects Act 1978, following a decision in 2016 by the Minister for Planning.

The EES process is administered by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and Kalbar have appointed an environmental consultancy to oversee the development of the EES.

Further information on Environment Effects Statements can be found on the DELWP website, where you can also find documents relating to the Fingerboards EES, including the Minister for Planning's EES Referral and Reasons for Decision.

Community engagement

Kalbar has a duty to consult with the community throughout the period of any licence that is granted under Section 39A of the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990. A range of information on the project can be found on the Fingerboards Project website.

While the EES is being prepared, Kalbar is required by DELWP to implement a Consultation Plan. Further information about this can be found on the DELWP website.

Regulatory compliance

If work commences under any licence that is held by Kalbar, Earth Resources Regulation will ensure that Kalbar complies with any conditions of its licence. Read more about regulatory compliance.


To contact Kalbar Resources about the Fingerboards Project, you can phone 1800 791 396 or contact Kalbar by email.

Contact Earth Resources Regulation

We welcome your feedback. If you have any queries about the regulation of the Fingerboards Project, call us on (03) 5160 9011 or send us an email.