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Woodvale Evaporation Ponds Complex - Environmental Site Assessment

The Woodvale Evaporation Ponds Complex (WEPC) is a series of ponds historically used to evaporate groundwater from underground gold operations in Bendigo. 

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) appointed independent environmental consultants Senversa to assess and document the nature and extent of potential contamination in the soil / sediment and groundwater at the site. 

The purpose of the Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) was to provide details of the soil and groundwater conditions at the site and potential impacts to beneficial users.

Notes regarding the report:

This report was prepared by Senversa for use by the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning (DELWP), and is published with the permission of DELWP and Senversa. No responsibility or liability is accepted for any damages arising out of the use of this report by a third party. This report is issued subject to the technical principles, limitations and assumptions provided in Section 8.0 of the report. For any enquiries regarding this report, please contact DELWP.

Woodvale Evaporation Ponds Complex Environmental Site Assessment 

Please note that while all care has been taken to ensure that documents meet accessibility standards, some attachments to this report contain images of handwritten documents and figures which may present an issue to people with visual accessibility requirements. The Department continues to review and improve the accessibility of this site. If you have accessibility issues or feedback, please contact DELWP.

Woodvale Water Tanks Testing Program

DELWP has released the final report on a program of water and soil testing on properties surrounding the Woodvale site. For further information on this testing program, visit the DELWP website.