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Costerfield Mine

Community Update

The Victorian Government is committed to providing regular information to the community to keep them informed of the steps being taken to investigate and respond to environment and health concerns.

Community updates are distributed to the Costerfield and Heathcote communities and are available below.




Costerfield Health Risk Assessment

In April 2014 the Victorian Government appointed the independent consulting firm Golder Associates to conduct an investigation into the levels of antimony in the Costerfield region and the potential for community health impacts.

"The local community deserves to have confidence that their health and wellbeing is not being impacted by the mine's operations, which is why we commissioned this independent report."
Minister for Energy and Earth Resources Lily D'Ambrosio
Read the media release

Results of this investigation indicated that the levels of antimony in Costerfield are unlikely to cause adverse health effects for the Costerfield community. However, the authors recommended that a further detailed human health risk assessment be conducted.

This detailed health risk assessment was completed in April 2016 and is available below.

Costerfield Health Risk Assessment Costerfield Health Risk Assessment (PDF 21153.69 KB)PDF icon
Costerfield Health Risk Assessment Costerfield Health Risk Assessment (DOCX 1863 KB)DOCX icon

Next steps

  • The Victorian Government has committed to undertake an assessment of long term solutions for the provision of drinking water to the residents of Costerfield.
  • Mandalay Resources have agreed to continue to supply water to residents in the affected area while investigations into a long term solution are completed.
  • The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources has undertaken to impose tighter control measures to ensure that dust from the mining activities of Mandalay Resources is minimised.

If you have any further health-related questions or concerns please contact Earth Resources Regulation on

If you have any further mine or mining activity questions please contact Earth Resources Regulation on

Costerfield Community Engagement

An independent report commissioned by the Victorian Government to gain a greater understanding of community concerns regarding Costerfield Mine operations is now available.

The Independent Engagement with the Costerfield Community Regarding the Antimony Mine report makes a number of recommendations aimed at helping address local concerns about operational mining issues and improving how government communicates with residents.

The Earth Resources Regulations branch has already taken a number of precautionary measures to ensure that operational issues, such as the risk of dust and water impacts at Costerfield, are minimised and that the Mandalay Resources mine continues to comply with relevant regulations.

Government has considered this input when making appropriate changes to regulatory practice that will help lead to improved outcomes for the community.

Download the Independent Engagement Costerfield Report Independent_Engagement_Costerfield_Report.docx (DOCX 4588.71 KB)DOCX icon

Antimony in Costerfield Desktop Review

A desktop review, Antimony in the Costerfield Area, is now available.

The review was prepared following the completion of several environmental assessments which took place within the Costerfield area. The assessments were in response to community concerns about exposure to antimony related to local mining operations.

Antimony in the Costerfield Area was commissioned by the Victorian Government and compiled by independent consultant Golder Associates. It will be used to support the development of a health risk assessment for antimony and related chemicals of interest in the Costerfield area.

Antimony in the Costerfield Area - PDF document Antimony-in-the-Costerfield-Area.pdf (PDF 7106.84 KB)PDF icon

Antimony in the Costerfield Area - Word version Antimony-in-the-Costerfield-Area (DOCX 11711.59 KB)DOCX icon

Previous Actions

Initial Rapid Health Assessment

The independent testing of topsoil and tank water at properties in Costerfield was completed in 2014 and found elevated levels of antimony around Costerfield but determined that adverse health effects as a result were unlikely.

The report of the findings is available.

These reports, along with an individual household report, were provided to the households that were tested during prearranged visits from representatives from government, including staff from the former Department of State Development, Business and Innovation and the former Department of Health and a consultant from the independent expert who conducted the testing.

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