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Statement of Operating Change: Our New Approach to Earth Resources Regulation

The Statement of Operating Change is part of the continuous and robust improvements we are making to how we regulate earth resources operations.

The statement sets out the principles that government will follow and what you can expect from us as the regulator for the Victorian earth resources sector. It explains the way we will assess work plans, and provides initial guidance about the transition to modern work plans and the option to consolidate work plans.

Victoria's earth resources sector contributes significantly to our economy and provides thousands of jobs in regional Victoria and in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. That's why it is important for government to ensure that its regulatory framework for resource development strikes the right balance by facilitating the development of resources and the efficient operation of mines and quarries while ensuring that this activity is consistent with Victoria's environmental planning, heritage and local community regulations.

This important step shows our commitment to implementing the actions approved by the Victorian Government in response to the Commissioner for Better Regulation's recommendations in Getting the Groundwork Right – Better Regulation of Mines and Quarries Implementation Plan.

The implementation of these recommendations will help to secure the sustainable development of Victoria's earth resources sector within a framework of best practice regulation and industry and community engagement.

We will keep you informed about the changes being made to improve earth resources regulation through further statements and guidance material. Industry associations and other government agencies will continue to be consulted as part of the improvements we are making.View the Statement of Operating Change below: