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Earth Resources Regulation
Second Statement of Operating Change (Extractives)

Earth Resources Regulation is open for business — we will implement, monitor and improve

Earth Resources Regulation is progressively implementing changes to improve the way we regulate earth resources projects. With the release of our first statement in May 2018, we committed to the adoption of an outcomes-based approach to regulation. This statement focuses on how we are streamlining regulatory approvals for the extractives industry. In the coming weeks, we will also release a third statement as an equivalent document for the mining industry.

Alongside this statement, we are also publishing a high-level roadmap to detail the new regulatory approvals model. This summarises the work delivered to date and sets out the next steps of our reform program.

The Victorian Government is committed to continuous improvement in the regulation of the earth resources sector. The Government has allocated $12.7 million to implement a range of actions, following the Commissioner for Better Regulation's report, Getting the Groundwork Right: Better regulation of mines and quarries. An implementation plan, released in May 2018, documents the sequenced approach to regulatory improvement that we are delivering.

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View the Second Statement of Operating Change (Extractives) below: 

View the first Statement of Operating Change: Our New Approach to Earth Resources Regulation: