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Improving Earth Resources Regulation

In July 2017, the Treasurer directed the Commissioner for Better Regulation to undertake a Continuous Improvement Project with Earth Resources Regulation. The project was tasked with identifying practical steps for improving regulation of the earth resources sector in Victoria: to help to secure the sustainable development of the sector within a framework of best practice regulation and industry and community engagement.

The project was initiated to implement improvements in processes as soon as possible, and to make recommendations which set a clear pathway for operational, regulatory and legislative reforms.

The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources has established the Regulatory Transition Taskforce to give effect to the Commissioner's recommendations and to drive further improvements to regulatory arrangements. Led by Dr Michelle Delaire, the Taskforce is working with Earth Resources Regulation, industry and co-regulators to accelerate delivery of a robust and effective regulatory system that meets community expectations and underpins sector growth.

Key documents

Further information on the progress of the Program to improve Earth Resources Regulation can be found below: