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Earth Resources Regulation's Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy is now finalised.

The Strategy sets out the approach Earth Resources Regulation (ERR) will take to stakeholder engagement over the next three years. 

What's in our strategy?

The strategy focuses on effective, structured engagement that is proactive in addressing matters of concern to industry, landholders, co-regulators and the community.

The strategy seeks to embed stakeholder engagement across all ERR's operations including compliance activities and the introduction of risk-based work plans.

Through the implementation of this strategy, ERR seeks to build and secure stakeholder confidence and trust in its work.

How was the strategy developed?

Following development of the draft Strategy, ERR undertook consultation and sought feedback from the community, landholders, co-regulators, industry and other interest groups.

Along with that feedback, we also took into account best practice engagement methods used in Australia and internationally. 

Get in touch

If you need further information regarding this strategy please contact:

Coordinator, Stakeholder Relations
T: +613 8392 6050

If you need to reach us about another matter, follow this link to our contacts page.