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About Us - Earth Resources Regulation

Earth Resources Regulation supports the Minister for Resources as Victoria's earth resources regulator. The Victorian Minister for Resources is The Hon. Jaclyn Symes MP. 

We encourage an economically viable earth resources sector whilst also minimising adverse impacts on the environment and the Victorian community. We facilitate effective and appropriate consultation with all stakeholders.

What are earth resources?

Earth resources are anything extracted from the ground, including brown coal, gold, petroleum, mineral sands and base metals.

What we do and how we do it

Earth Resources Regulation operates under legislation that enables us to:

  • Authorise earth resources exploration, production and other activities
  • Regulate these activities to balance the needs of the environment, community and the Victorian economy.

We do this through:

  • Licensing and tenders
  • Assessing and approving applications for operations or works
  • Compliance and enforcement activities
  • Other functions such as engagement and education.

How we work

  • We have expertise in the earth resources field and draw on additional expertise when required.
  • Our activities and functions are underpinned by assessing and managing risk.
  • We are also guided by the Technical Review Board – a team of experts that provide advice on mine and quarry stability issues, specifically in relation to reducing risks to the environment, public safety and infrastructure.
  • Our work is guided by a Ministerial Statement of Expectations that articulates government's priorities and objectives. We report annually on actions to fulfil these expectations.

Where we are

We operate in five regions across Victoria, with offices in Ballarat, Benalla, Bendigo, Traralgon and Melbourne. Our regional boundaries are below:

Map of Victoria showing the boundaries of the five regions Earth Resources Regulation operates in. 

Our stakeholders

Our stakeholders are all Victorians, particularly those affected by the earth resources sector. This includes community, industry, land and tenement holders and other government departments and co-regulators.

Working to ensure our stakeholders understand their rights, roles and responsibilities in relation to earth resources is an important aspect of what we do, as is ensuring stakeholders have a chance to provide feedback.

We have consulted with a broad range of stakeholders on how we engage and communicate our role in the earth resources sector. Their feedback, along with researching national and international best practice methods, has led us to change our approach to stakeholder engagement.

This new approach is reflected in our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 2016–2018.

Doing business with us

If you are looking to do business with us see information about licensing, approvals, payments and other regulatory processes and systems.

To support our role as an effective and responsive regulator, we aim for all engagement between Earth Resources Regulation and stakeholders to be courteous, professional and effective. We have developed a set of guidelines outlining what you can expect from our team, and how you can support us in our interaction.

Working with other agencies and regulators

We work with other agencies and regulators to ensure a whole-of-government approach to the regulation of Victoria's earth resources industries. These working relationships facilitate decision making and a clear and transparent regulatory environment for industry and the community. All earth resources activities must comply with the requirements of all agencies and regulators.

ERR works with the following organisations:

We have agreements about how we work together with:

If you wish to see a copy of any of these agreements please contact us.

Do you have a question about something happening in your area?

If you have heard about some work or a proposal that is going on in your area you can find out more from 1300 366 356.

Feedback and complaints

If you have a complaint about any earth resources activities regulated by us, or would like to provide feedback, we would love to hear from you.

Learn more about our feedback process.

Independent dispute resolution – Mining Warden

Disputes relating to mineral activity can be referred to the independent Mining Warden. The Mining Warden attempts to settle disputes in relation to mineral resource exploration, mining and quarrying and is separate from Earth Resources Regulation. For example, a licensee might dispute our proposal to cancel a licence.

Who facilitates investment attraction and industry development?

Minerals Development Victoria (MDV) is the lead government unit for attracting investment in minerals exploration and improving community and industry confidence in mineral and extractives development in Victoria. MDV is separate from the Earth Resources Regulation Branch.

MDV's role includes providing information about mineral exploration and development investment opportunities in Victoria and seeking to improve longer-term access to the State's mineral resources within Victoria's land planning frameworks.


Earth Resources Regulation administers the following legislation. The Acts can be found on the Victorian Legislation website.

  • Extractive Industries (Lysterfield) Act 1986
  • Geothermal Energy Resources Act 2005
  • Greenhouse Gas Geological Sequestration Act 2008
  • Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 (MRSD Act)
  • Mines (Aluminium Agreement) Act 1961
  • Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2010
  • Petroleum Act 1998
  • Underseas Mineral Resources Act 1963