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How to lodge an objection to a licence application

The Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 (MRSDA) includes provisions for anyone to make an objection to a new licence application for mineral or extractive exploration, retention, mining and prospecting.

How will I know if an application has been made in my area?

The MRSDA requires all exploration, retention, mining and prospecting licence applications to be advertised in local newspapers in the area of any proposed work. Licence applications must also be advertised in the Wednesday edition of a Victorian state newspaper (The Age or the Herald-Sun).

Advertisements must include:

  • the identity and contact details of the applicant
  • the date of the application
  • the locality of the proposed work
  • the proposed program of work
  • links to additional information from the applicant
  • how to register an objection.

Making an objection to a licence application

The objection period is 21 days from the date the application was last advertised. Objections must be lodged within the objection period to be considered.

Objections must include:

  • the licence application number
  • the grounds on which the objection is made

It is recommended objections also include name and contact details, but they may be lodged anonymously.

Grounds for objection

Grounds for objection are at the discretion of the objector. Objections may relate to perceived loss of amenity, social aspects, environmental impacts or any matters the Minister must consider below:

Section 15(6) of the MRSDA requires that the Minister must be satisfied that the applicant meets the following criteria:

  1. The applicant is a fit and proper person to hold a licence (determined by relevant background checks)
  2. The applicant intends to comply with the MRSDA
  3. The applicant genuinely intends to do the work
  4. The applicant has an appropriate program of work
  5. The applicant is likely to be able to finance the proposed work and rehabilitation of the land.

Submitting an objection

Objections can be made online or by post to:

The Minister for Resources
c/- Team Leader Licensing
Statutory Authorisations and Technical Services
GPO Box 4509
Melbourne Victoria 3001

It is recommended that objections are lodged online to ensure timely consideration.

After an objection is lodged

All objections lodged within the 21-day objection period are considered. If an objection includes your name and contact details Earth Resources Regulation will send you an acknowledgement after the objection period has closed. Anonymous objections cannot be responded to.

Earth Resources Regulation will then assess objections as part of the assessment of the licence application. ERR assesses objections by:

  • reviewing and evaluating the concerns raised in the objection
  • determining if the concerns can be addressed through existing processes, including work plans
  • making recommendations to the Minister or Minister's Delegate.

How does Earth Resources Regulation make a decision on a licence application?

Most concerns that are raised can be addressed with an appropriate "work plan". A work plan is a program of proposed activities that is submitted as part of a licence application. For more information on work plans, visit the standard work plan guidelines page.

After the applicant has met all of the other legislative requirements, the Minister or Minister's Delegate will consider:

  • the issues raised in the objection
  • work proposed on the licence
  • the potential impact of the proposed work on the community and the environment.

If an objector has provided contact details, ERR will advise when the licence assessment has been completed and if the licence has been granted or refused.

Viewing objections that have been lodged

All objections are available for inspection free of charge at the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources' Melbourne office. To make an appointment to inspect an objection, please contact Earth Resources Regulation.

Further information

To find out more about lodging an objection, please contact the Earth Resources Information Centre on 1300 366 356

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