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07 Aug 2018

Regulator Enforces Hazelwood Mine Fire Controls

Earth Resources Regulation has issued a notice to the Hazelwood Power Corporation Pty Ltd (ENGIE) due to an alleged breach of the company’s Work Plan, which is in place to ensure the mine is safe and not a risk to the community.

The alleged breach relates to the reduction in the number of staff employed at the Hazelwood mine to manage the risk of fire.

Hazelwood Power Corporation Pty Ltd (ENGIE) must reinstate a competent workforce 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to prevent, detect and extinguish mine fires.

A reduction of staffing levels occurred without consultation with Earth Resources Regulation or the CFA.

Further investigation into the alleged breach will determine what sanctions, if any, are to be imposed on the operator. 

In 2014 the Hazelwood mine fire burnt for 45 days affecting the whole Latrobe Valley community.

A range of measures were put in place in response to the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry to improve the performance of coal mines in relation to fire management.

Earth Resources Regulation is taking this action in advance of the higher-risk summer months.

Earth Resources Regulation is committed to ensuring workplans of all mining operations throughout Victoria are adhered to, ensuring environmental and public safety standards are met.

Quotes attributable to Earth Resources Regulation’s Executive Director Anthony Hurst

“We expect mine operators to fulfil their obligations to manage risks and protect nearby communities, and we will step in when safeguards are not met.”

“Earth Resources Regulation, with the support of the CFA and WorkSafe, is holding the licensee accountable for fire safety.”

Contact: Lewis Hill

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