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25 Jul 2018

Regulator Approves Next Step for New East Gippsland Mine

Earth Resources Regulation has granted an infrastructure mining licence for use of a tailings storage facility site alongside the proposed Stockman Mine, marking the next phase to establish this new project near Omeo and Benambra.

An agreement between the Victorian Government and WHSP Stockman sets a high benchmark in applying environmental safeguards and protecting local water courses, including the Tambo River.

The company has entered into a ‘post closure’ agreement to fund the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of a tailings storage facility, after the completion of mining and site rehabilitation.

The Stockman project received planning approval in 2014 after a detailed environmental assessment and public inquiry process. In December 2017 Australian mining company WHSP Stockman purchased the site with plans to undertake further exploration and commence mining.

An infrastructure mining licence application was lodged in January 2018. Following consideration of public submissions and the previous environmental assessment, Earth Resources Regulation has determined the company has met all requirements to use the existing tailings storage site.

Before mining operations proceed the company must submit a detailed workplan for approval, the main regulatory instrument used to set controls on operations, to Earth Resources Regulation.

The company plans to invest around $200 million, creating 300 jobs during the construction phase with the requirement for a 250 strong workforce once the mine is operational.

The mine would target copper and zinc – both minerals are in high demand to supply the renewable energy and industrial sectors in Australia and globally.

As promoted locally by WHSP Stockman, the company will be holding a public information session tonight in Omeo to support continuing engagement with the community.

For more information go to the Stockman Project page.

Quotes attributable to Executive Director of Earth Resources Regulation Anthony Hurst

“Earth Resources Regulation will ensure that WHSP Stockman adheres to strict environmental safeguards under its licence.”

“Victoria’s Earth Resources Regulation is well placed to set and enforce the safeguards necessary to protect the local environment and downstream water users.”

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