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28 Feb 2019

Progress continues in search for new gas

The Victorian Gas Program is on track to deliver a better picture of the state’s potential for further discoveries of onshore conventional gas and offshore gas.

Released today, the second Progress Report details the scientific studies undertaken since 2017 in the Otway and Gippsland geological basins. Both regions have a history of gas exploration and production.

South-west Victoria is considered to have the highest potential for new discoveries of gas. Over 3,500 physical rock measurements from the area are being analysed to better understand the geographical extent of significant rock layers that may hold conventional gas.

Since August 2018, two small planes have flown a combined 32,000 kilometres back and forth over 16,000 square kilometres of south-west Victoria to collect data that will help geologists visualise the region’s geological structures deep within the Earth’s crust.

To provide an environmental snapshot of each basin, airborne methane and carbon dioxide levels have been measured along 8,500 kilometres of roads and 69 deep-bore groundwater samples have been taken so far.

Nearly 600 engagements with regional, industry and community groups across the state have taken place to keep as many people as possible informed about the work underway.

The Victorian Gas Program’s work will help inform future options for onshore conventional gas exploration and production, currently under a moratorium until 30 June 2020. Fracking and unconventional gas extraction are banned in Victoria and are not part of the research.

The onshore conventional gas studies are overseen by a stakeholder advisory panel, representing a diverse range of views, including farmers, industry, local government and the community. The panel, which has now met six times, is chaired by Victoria’s Lead Scientist Dr Amanda Caples.

See the latest Victorian Gas Program progress reports.

Quotes attributable to Victoria’s Lead Scientist, Dr Amanda Caples

“The work the Geological Survey of Victoria is conducting through the Victorian Gas Program puts the science first on this topic.”

“We will continue to meet with those interested in the Victorian Gas Program and keep as many people as possible informed about this important work.”

Quotes attributable to Director of the Victorian Gas Program Paul McDonald

“The Victorian Gas Program will deliver a better picture of the state’s potential gas resources, we’re on track to deliver our findings in 2020.”

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