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Legislation and Regulation

Victoria depends on its abundant natural resources to contribute great economic value to the State.

The department's responsibilities include allocating natural resources to productive uses. Where possible, we achieve this through the development and regulation of efficient market arrangements.

The department ensures resource use is sustainable and that it generates financial benefit to the state by:

  • enabling industry through credible, transparent regulation
  • surveying and monitoring the location, quantity and nature of key resources
  • encouraging best-practice behaviours by providing education, inspection and enforcement services


The department has primary responsibility for administering legislation governing energy and earth resources.

Read more about our enforcement responsibilities and activities.

Fees and charges

The department is responsible for collecting fees under regulations for a variety of activities including:

  • mining rights
  • exploration licences.

The department is also responsible for collecting monies for fines for improper conduct.

Major Energy and Earth Resources Acts

The department administers and responds to queries regarding 18 major Acts.

Regulatory reform

The department plays a role in regulatory reform through consultation with stakeholders and the public about the potential burden new or amended regulations may raise. We are also committed to reducing regulatory burden. 

Freedom of Information

Read more about Freedom of Information.


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Tenders and contracts

Read more about Government Tenders, Quotes and Contracts.

Protected Disclosure

The Protected Disclosures Act 2012 (the Act) encourages and facilitates people making disclosures of improper conduct by public bodies or public sector employees, and protects persons who make those disclosures.

Read more about Protected disclosure.